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Email Address Mapping GlobiMail uses Email Address Mapping to send and track emails. This changes the reply-to of all emails so that email responses automatically come back to our server. For Example: w . . . [more]
Configure Settings Configure Settings on Connected Apps to control the Apps behavior. This opens the following menus: General ~ View Information about the Podio App that is connected. ~ Update the Contact Location . . . [more]
Sending Domains Sending Domains allow you to send emails FROM a company email address. Available on Premium and Elite plans. Upgrade to get the most out of GlobiMail. This option allows for Email Tracking as the Ema . . . [more]
Signatures Create personalized signatures for your email messages While composing emails in the web browser, use the Signature drop-down to select your signature or configure a new one. Signatures are specific . . . [more]
Email Status Tracking Outgoing Email Status A benefit of Email Address Mapping is Tracking Sent Emails For Outgoing Emails, the Status of the Email will be indicated on the Header of the email comment in the Podio Item. . . . [more]
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