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Advanced Settings

These settings can be found under the grey tab in the App Configuration Settings.

These settings are for Advanced Users only and should not be adjusted without knowledge of how your system will be impacted.

  • Discard non-Team Emails so that reply emails, that are not addressed to the team, do not end up in Podio.
    With address mapping, accidental unintended emails can arrive when the mapped address is used in the reply.

  • Select Don't Cleanse Emails to keep historical data and signatures in the body of the Email Comment.

  • Don't Email my Team is ON by default and prevents replies from being forwarded to the team.
    This keeps the conversations directly in Podio and out of your Inbox.
    Email Address Mapping must be turned ON and addresses listed under My Team under the profile icon.

  • Track Team Events is OFF by default.  To track email events sent to people on your team list, turn this option ON.

  • Add Subject to Mapped Names to include a mapped subject line in the From Address, helping the customer to distinguish between multiple addresses.

  • Choose to Include all History when composing the email thread, instead of just the most recent.

  • Select to Compose emails in your own Email Client instead of the default browser.
    This is NOT recommended as you will lose many of GlobiMails features.
    The Email Address must mapped as the Contact Location.

If your team is using a Webmail Client like Gmail, select Shorter Links to stay within the enforced URL limits.
This could cut off portions of the replied body message.

The option to always BCC the App is also available when using your own Email Client to ensure that emails sent are also attached to the Item.
Does not work in all Browser / Client combinations.

  • Choose to NOT add Reply-To links to App Items when only forwarding emails to GlobiMail.
    Only use this when manually forwarding email to GlobiMail.

  • Send Notifications when New Items are created in the App.

Enter the email address of recipient, comma separating multiple addresses.


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