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Configure Settings on Connected Apps to control the Apps behavior.

This opens the following menus:


  • View Information about the Podio App that is connected.

  • Update the Contact Location, Field mapping for the App
    See more about location and mapping in Connected Podio Apps.

Email Comments

  • You can also select how the Email Header should Appear in the Activity Log.
    Choose from the Full Email Header or the Mini Header.

  • Select Disable Comment Attachments so that email attachments are not included in the Activity Log.

  • Choose to Add Attachments to Items to add the attachments as Files on the item.


Reply Links

  • Map a Podio Field from the Item to use as a Subject Line on new emails.
    Choose from Single-line Text, Relationship and Location fields.

  • Map a Multi-Line Text field to use as the Original Email Body.

  • Add Compose Link to App is a field added to the App to easily compose a new message. This is ON by default.
    Turning this off will remove this field from the App.


BCC Drop Box

The Connected App is given a unique email address made up of the Company and App code.
Also see our page on using the BCC Drop Box 

When an email is received at this address, GlobiMail will attach the email to the Item by matching the TO: address.
By default, GlobiMail will attach the message to the first found Item.  

  • Emails will be attached to the SINGLE MOST RECENT item, select Attach to All to attach an email to all Items with the matching contact address.

  • Notify if no Contact Found to receive an notification when an email is sent to the BCC Drop Box but does not have a matching Item.

  • Choose to Create New Items when no matching contact is found.
    Could result in many new items in Podio.


  • Trigger Actions when emails are sent, received, opened, bounced, etc. 
    This is a Premium Feature. Upgrade to get the most out of GlobiMail.

Click Add Automation to get started. See the Automations article for specifics.

  • Enable an Auto-Responder to automatically reply to New Items created in the App.

Set the From Address and Email Body for the response.


Playing with these settings is for advanced users and could have unintended effects on your mail system.
View the Advanced Settings page for an overview.


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