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Specify all your team addresses under My Team so that they are not confused as customers.

Emails to My Team are not forwarded to the Inbox so everyone can stay in Podio.
By design, the Advanced App Setting - Don't Email my Team is turned ON.

It is recommended to keep this setting ON.
If you wish to have copies of those emails, it's best to set up one of the Email Archiving options.

Other uses for the Team List:

  • Automations use this to determine if the email is Incoming or Outgoing.
    Emails sent from addresses on this list are considered Outgoing.

  • BCC Drop Box uses this to determine if an email is Internal or External.
    Helps to determine the contact email address on incoming.

  • SPAM Quarantine uses this to determine Spam Scores.
    If the FROM address is not a known address (address from the list or the items history), it's likely SPAM.



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