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GlobiMail uses Email Address Mapping to send and track emails. 

This changes the reply-to of all emails so that email responses automatically come back to our server. 

For Example: would change to 

This is the recommended set-up and allows emails to be sent without the use of Subject Tags or a BCC Recipient.

While Email Address Mapping proves to be most beneficial, some Senders still want their email to be recognizable to the Recipient.

Send From Your Domain

This will increase deliverability and user acceptance as emails come from your email address and not the mapped address.

See the Sending Domains page on how to set this up.
Feature is available on Premium or Elite plans. Upgrade to get the most out of GlobiMail.

It is possible to turn off Email Address Mapping however, it is NOT recommended.  
Read Turning Off Address Mapping for more information.


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