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Email Archiving allows backup of all processed emails.

Get a copy of every email processed by GlobiMail forwarded to an archive email address, and/or posted to a dedicated Podio app.

To an Email Address:

Automatically forward every email GlobiMail processes to a specific email address.
Be sure this is a dedicated archive address, not your main email address.
Note: These will count towards your monthly email allowance in your plan.

Once defined, this address can be updated to send to a different email or removed to stop Email Archiving.

To a Podio App:

Select a Podio Workspace to automatically create a dedicated Archive App.
Each email processed will create a new Item in the App.

Once connected, click the link to go directly to the App.  
Disconnect to stop Email Archiving to this App.

New items will be created in this Podio App by date and time the email was sent or received.  
Easily connect to the source email and reply directly from this archive item.

Attachemnts are found in the original email .eml file and will be attached in the Files section of the Item.
Use your Email Client, an Email Viewer or even convert the email to a different type of document to view.

Since Podio Filters cannot be set on text fields, having an automation to add tags for email addresses can help when creating Views for searching.


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