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Use the Logs to view Email Errors and the Spam Quarantine.

GlobiMail keeps emails in retention for 24 hours.  Use the Email Archive to view emails after this time.


Email Error Log

Emails that cannot be routed to an App Item, will appear in the Email Error Log.

When emails are not received and are not appearing on a Podio Item, an Error is typically logged

Common Errors

Error Code 13~Subject Tag not found but Required
Solution: When email address mapping is disabled and emails are forwarded to GlobiMail.  
GlobiMail requires a Unique Subject Tag when Turning OFF Address Mapping to be able to determine the item it should be associated with upon return.
This tag is automatically added when you click on any new message or reply link.

Error Code 14~No Valid APP Found
Solution: Ensure the Unique Email is correct in the Connected Apps.

Error Code 16~No Valid ITEM Found
Solution: Verify an item in the App has an Email matching the From Address.  
Update the BCC Drop Box settings to Create New Items when no match is found.  
If a match is verified in the App, you may need to Reload Podio Items.

Error Code 20~Email message Body was empty
Solution: Ensure there is content in the Email 
For forwarded messages, check that your Signature is not added.  The first line of the email should be ---Original Message---

Spam Quarantine

Emails that are likely SPAM will be added to the quarantine. 

Sometimes there can be issues where an address book is compromised and items start receiving spam emails in the activity.

GlobiMail tries to prevent this by checking the Sender with your Team List as well as well as all addresses from the items history.


Clicking on an item from the log opens the Email Details.

  • Received at: the GlobiMail address that received the email
  • Subject: the email subject
  • From: the Sender(s) of the original message
  • Source: view the HTML and download the .eml file
  • Date: the date from the original message header
  • To: the Recipient(s) from the original message
  • Original Body: the full email body from the original message
  • Cleansed Body: the email comment that would have been placed in Podio




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