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GlobiMail is your complete Email solution right in Podio.

It was created to manage your one-on-one email conversations in the Item Comment Activity.

This is perfect for tracking sales opportunities, running a help desk, and managing projects.

Begin a 30-day Free Trial to get started.
This will be good for processing up to 1000 emails on 2 Apps.
ALL Features are available during the trial.  View our Plans Page for subscription options.

Once you have signed up for GlobiMail, a sync is performed to collect your Podio App Template data. 
The user you are logged in as, must be an Admin Member in the Podio App in order to collect it.
If, at any time, changes are made in Podio, perform a Refresh from Podio to re-sync with GlobiMail.

View our Privacy Policy or, for EU Customers, request a DPA.

You will then be directed to the Welcome Page to guide you through setting up the first Podio App.
View our blog posts for ideas on how to set up a CRM or a Help Desk type App.
See the Connected Podio Apps page for more information on how to set up and manage an App.

Start and continue your conversations by Sending Email from Podio using the GlobiMail Browser.
GlobiMail uses Email Address Mapping to send and receive emails directly to the Podio Item.
Your Team can communicate with your customers directly in Podio instead of from their Inbox.

Make Connecting Apps and Sending Email even easier with the GlobiMail Browser Extension.
Get the Plug-In from your browser Add-Ons. Check our Main Page for a quick link.

GlobiMail Toolbar

Navigate the pages by using the toolbar:

Tips & Tricks

Be sure to add all members of your team to the My Team page.
Don't Email my Team is an Advanced Option, turn ON to keep your emails strictly in Podio

Use Email Archiving to forward a copy of every processed email to keep a back up.
Send these to a dedicated email address and/or dedicated Podio App.

Set up Sending Domains to send directly from these domains while using address mapping.
This allows emails to come FROM your address and our mapping happens in the Reply-To.

Manage Webmail Settings for GlobiMail's Compose Window.
Create personalized Boilerplates Responses, Setup shared Team Addresses and Add emails to a Blacklist.

Set up Email Templates for sending emails via Citrix Podio Workflow Automation using triggers or drip marketing.
Send the Commercial Templates to a connected Podio View using the Campaigns feature.

Use Automations to complete Actions on the Podio Item when an email is sent, received, opened, etc.
Do basic updates to your items, send webhooks and trigger Citrix Podio Workflow Automation flows.

Use the Toolbar Search to quickly search and connect to the Podio item where the Email Comment is attached.

View the Email Logs to view Errors, the Spam Quarantine as well as our cache of the last 24 hours.
Moderate Comments, troubleshoot errors and Track Open Rates.

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