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The GlobiMail Browser Plug-in keeps things Simple!

Easily install the extension/add-on from the menu on your chosen Browser.

Once the Plug-in has been installed, emailing your contacts from ANY Podio App Item is "one-click".

A new Email button is added at the top of the Activity on the Podio Item.
Simply click this button to start the conversation.

This opens the Compose Window.  See Sending Emails from Podio for more on this page.

If the App is not already connected to GlobiMail, it will be automatically connected.
Only this item will sync, other items in the App will sync once an email is composed from that item.

  • This App will not be mapped to any Contact or Email field.
    Configure Settings to map fields and set other App Settings.

When using the Direct Item Email address, easily click the @ symbol on the right to copy it to the clipboard.

Reply Links 


With the Extension enabled, the Reply links look visually different but still function the same.

Moderate this Comment to open the comment in GlobiMail.
This allows an Admin User to edit and troubleshoot the Email Comment.

View the Item in the Email Archive App.
Keeps your Inbox clean and backs up emails for reference.


Additional Options

  • Open in:
    Specify if the Composer Browser opens in a New Tab (default) or a separate Popup Window

  • Send Delay:
    Set the delay to auto-close the Composer Browser Window after sending to 10 seconds, 5 seconds (default) or none 


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