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Moderating Comments allows GlobiMail Users to inspect the Full Email Details

Emails, to and from the Connected App, are added as Comments on a Podio Item.

Podio Permission Errors prevent Users from being able to edit or delete these comments.  To view, change or clean up the Activity on an Item, use the Moderate Comments action.

To View a specific Email Comment, click the middle icon in the Reply Links on the Podio Item.

This opens the email comment in GlobiMail.  The email details can then be edited or even deleted from this pop-up.

The options to view the Original HTML and the download.eml file, are available while in our server retention (currently >24hours).

Moderate Comments directly from GlobiMail by selecting the icon from the Connected App page.

  • This will open a list of All Items in the App.

  • Select the Item to view all Comments.

  • Select the Comment that should be modified or deleted.

Change any text and click SAVE or choose DELETE to remove the comment from the App Item.


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