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Sending Mass Emails to your contacts just got easier using Campaigns by GlobiMail.

Send Commercial Email Templates to Items in a Podio View that hold a valid contact email.

Select Campaigns from the top menu to get started!

The amount of Campaign Emails you can send each month will depend on your Plan Level.

Click Create New Campaign

  1. Connect Podio App, the created View and then select the Email Template
    For a newly created View, Refresh from Podio to update GlobiMail.

    Email Data will populate once the template is selected.
  2. Certify that the email is not Spam and click Send
    Failure to comply with local spam laws can result in deactivation of your account.

Each email will be attached as a Comment to the Podio Item.  
Contacts can reply and Employees can respond directly to this email in Podio as normal.

Emails will come from a mapped address with to prevent our sending reputation.  
Set the SPF Record to send directly from your Domain. 

Track Open Rates and Unsubscribes from the Campaign Status


The Campaign did not send to all the items in the View selected:

    1. Verify that there is a Contact mapped in the Configuration
    2. Check that all items in the view have valid email addresses
    3. Ensure that the Connected App has the same amount of items as the App in Podio



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