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Sending Domains allow you to send emails FROM a company email address.
Available on Premium and Elite plans.  Upgrade to get the most out of GlobiMail.

This option allows for Email Tracking as the Email Address Mapping happens in the Reply-To.
Versus using a specified SMTP.

Multiple Sending Domains can be configured on one account.
The same domain cannot be configured on multiple accounts.

When an email is sent, GlobiMail will use the sending domain configured based on the From: address.

  • Select Add Domain 

    • Map the Company Domain address and the desired Mapped Domain address.
      This domain is required to be added as a Verified Email in your Podio Account Settings.

    • Set SPF Record in the DNS Management Console.
      DNS changes can take a few hours to propagate.

    • Check and Validate the DNS every couple hours until the SPF Record shows PASS
      Typically this will propagate within a few hours however can take up to 72.

See the full Set-Up Tutorial in the Blog.

Once validated, GlobiMail will start sending emails From the Company Domain with the Reply-To as the Mapped Domain.


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