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Create personalized signatures for your email messages

While composing emails in the web browser, use the Signature drop-down to select your signature or configure a new one.

Signatures are specific to Podio Users and not to the GlobiMail Account.
Any User with access to the workspace in Podio can click a reply link and can set up their own signature.

Configure Signatures

To create and manage Signatures for your User, open Configure Signatures from the compose window.

From this menu, select New Signature or click on an existing signature to edit or delete.

By using the Formatting Toolbar, create a personalized signature.
Change the font and color of the signature box, add images and links to other webpages.
Set the Name for this signature and decide if it should be the global default when using GlobiMail or even just for the Podio App you are sending mail from.

Note: Images must be publically available.

Check out Email Signature Best Practices in the blog for help on your Signature.



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