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Automations complete actions in Podio or send to an external service like GlobiFlow. 

Complete these when emails are sent, received, opened, bounced, clicked, etc.

Click +Add Automation to get started. 

First, select the When to trigger the Email or Event.

Email triggers for Inbound, Outbound or Both.
Be sure to have your team emails listed under the My Team page.
GlobiMail uses the Team List to determine if the address is Internal or External. 

Events trigger For any or one of the most common events, including links clicked.

When Clicked events are set, be sure to enable Click Tracking.
This re-writes URLs for tracking when contacts click them.

Then select the Action to complete.  

  • Update Podio Item
    Click Add Field to select a field from the Podio App

    Category Fields with any of the selections available
    Single Line Text Fields with email addresses, the subject, direction or even a comma separated Attachment List
    Multi Line Text Fields with the Email Body Text or HTML

  • Remote POST to server
    Enter the URL for the Webhook you wish to trigger
    The URL is provided by your external program

    Note: You must start the webhook and post to it before building the flow with the payload data (tokens) used in flow actions.

  • Trigger GlobiFlow flow on Item
    Enter the Flow ID of the manual flow you wish to trigger

    c=The GF Account number
    p=The Hook ID for the App
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