Sending Emails from your Domain

In order to track emails, GlobiMail has to act as a middle-man. With email address mapping, real email addresses are converted to addresses on our domain.

Here's how you can send email so that they show FROM your real email address instead of a mapped address.

Note: This is a premium feature only available on Premium and higher plans.

Step 1 - create a mapping subdomain

Go to the Settings page, and under the "Send From Domain" section, click the Add New button.

On the corresponding screen, set up a mapping from your domain to a subdomain on ours:

Once you've added the mapping, it will show on the Settings page, but with a failed SPF record:

If you click on the "configure" link, it will show you the instructions needed to set up your SPF record.

Step 2 - Set up the SPF record

First log into your DNS management console for your domain.

If you do not have an SPF record set up a new TXT record for your base domain with value:


If you already have an existing SPF record edit the record and add this include rule to the value:

for example: v=spf1 mx ~all would become: v=spf1 mx ~all

Here is a screenshot of my own record with DNS Made Easy as the DNS provider:

Please note that DNS changes can take a few hours to propagate (usually 2 hours, worst case 72 hours). You need to click the "check" link to validate your settings before sending from your domain will take effect.

Step 3 - Validate

Click on the "check" link every few hours unti your DNS changes have propagated, in which case the Settings page will show you a PASS:

Once the domain shows in PASS status, GlobiMail will start sending emails from your real email address. Examining the headers of a received message should confirm this:

That's it. Now anytime your team sends an email through GlobiMail (and even via GlobiFlow using GlobiMail), the FROM address will be the actual address on your domain, and not a mapped address on ours.

Andreasby Andreas Huttenrauch
Owner of Globi Web Solutions, and Podio Fanatic.

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