Podio Email Integration Frequently Asked Questions

How does GlobiMail Work?

GlobiMail intercepts all emails by changing the reply-to address of messages, and then routes them on to the original intended recipients. All you need to do is initiate an email thread by clicking on a Reply to Customer, New Message, or Reply to Message Link in Podio, or reply to a New Item Notification or already threaded Email Message.

Your email and all responses will automatically be captured by GlobiMail and added to the relevant item in Podio as a comment.

How does BCC Drop Box Work?

You can forward any out-of-context emails to your App's BCC Drop Box address for re-integration. When GlobiMail receives an email in the BCC Drop Box address for your app, it searches your app items and matches the email to an item using the contact's email address.

After a match is found, the email is added to Podio as a comment, and you can click on the resulting Reply to Message link in that comment to continue the conversation with your contact.

What kind of Contact Fields do my Apps require?

You can use any of the following fields to store your contacts' email addresses and GlobiMail will find them for the BCC Drop Box functionality:

  • Workspace Contact field
  • Single-line Text field
  • Email field
  • Text field or Email field in another referenced App

How does Email @ Item Work?

GlobiMail also gives each App Item a unique email address. If you send an email to the item's email address, GlobiMail will convert that email into a comment and add it to the item.

Is my email confidential?

Yes. GlobiMail doesn't store emails that don't have a unique GlobiMail identifier. Those emails that do, GlobiMail only stores for a limited time in order to complete processing. If an error is encountered, GlobiMail will store the email for up to a week. In order to provide certain functionality like comment moderations and reply links with body content, GlobiMail does store the comments created from emails. All data is stored securely in our DataBase hosted at Linode in Dallas, which is not publicly exposed and only accessible from within the Data Center network.

Will this not fill up Podio with extraneous junk from emails?

Not usally. We realize that email chains can become very long and messages often include history, signatures, and disclaimers. GlobiMail tries to intelligently determine the end of each message, cutting off the message at a signature or previous message history. This ensures that each new comment made in Podio only contains the pertinent info from each email.

If you notice any email content being cut off that shouldn't be, or any content coming through that you think should be cut off, please open a support ticket including as much detail as possible. We are continually striving to make GlobiMail better.

Does GlobiMail handle Attachments?

Yes, GlobiMail is attachment-aware. You can specify the settings for each app, whether to include attachments or not. If you choose to include attachments, all attachments in an email message will also be added to the relevant Podio Item.

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