Email in Podio - everything you need & more

Supercharged Email integration for the serious Podio user

Easy Integration

Install the browser extension and get an "Email" button on every item in Podio. To send an email, simply click this button and start composing your message. It couldn't get much easier.

(GlobiMail will also create a comment with a link to compose new messages for use in the Mobile app).

Easily start an email inside Podio

Compose from Anywhere

Click on an "Email" or "Reply" button and you're taken to our powerful email composer.

Carbon copy, drag 'n drop attachments, custom signatures and canned responses - it's all there.

Works beautifully on desktop and mobile.

Insert Boilerplate Canned Responses

Emails Logged Automatically

All emails will automatically be added to the relevant Podio Item as a comment. No need to copy & paste into Podio and no need to get your customers to use Podio.

When your customers reply to your emails, they will also be automatically logged, and you will receive a standard Podio notification.

Email message becomes Podio comment

Email Event Tracking

GlobiMail tracks all email events including delivery, bounces, and open rates. The comment in Podio will clearly show if and when your customers open and read your email.

Never lose an email again.

Email Open Rate Tracking

Send Campaigns

Easily send mass email campaigns like newsletters to an entire Podio App or App View.

Like other emails, you get full statistics on open rates, click rates, delivery, etc, and replies are received and tracked in Podio.

GlobiFlow send email action using GlobiMail

Email Attachments

GlobiMail is fully attachment aware.

Inline images are shown as inline images on the comment in Podio, and attachments are added as files to the comment and/or item.

GlobiFlow send email action using GlobiMail

Plays well with GlobiFlow

If you also use GlobiFlow, any Podio app connected to GlobiMail will give you the option in any GlobiFlow Send Email action to use GlobiMail.

Those emails will automatically be logged and tracked like any manual email.

GlobiFlow send email action using GlobiMail

Email Archiving

Have copies of all your emails sent to an archive email address or a dedicated app in Podio for easy searching and referencing.

Each archive also includes the full source EML file attached should you require it in the future.

Insert Boilerplate Canned Responses

BCC Drop Box

Similar to big-box CRM systems, with BCC Drop Box, you can send (forward, cc, bcc) any email to your Podio App, and GlobiMail will find the relevant Podio Item by matching the email address of the contact with the sender & recipient of the email or forwarded email.

BCC Drop Box

Boilerplate Canned Responses

GlobiMail lets you manage common boilerplate texts that you send often. When composing new emails and replies, you can insert a boilerplate canned response with the click of a button - no need to copy or paste anything.

Insert Boilerplate Canned Responses

The best way to find out just how much time and effort GlobiMail will save you, is to take it for a test drive.
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