Privacy Policy

In order to offer our Services to you, we must collect certain information about you. Because we respect your privacy, we have documented our policies regarding this information here:

Personal Information

We store the following personal information about you in order to perform the required service: Name, Email Address, and Podio Account Details. We also store some meta data like your IP address, when your account was created, and when the last activity happened in your account. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone, unless under Government Court Order. We especially will never sell your information to 3rd Parties.

Podio Account Details

In order to provide the Service with your Podio account, we do require access to your Podio account. This includes your org and app structures, as well as authentication tokens for your users and apps. All authentication tokens are encrypted in the database and at rest.

Additional Account Details

In order to provide the Service as requested in additional or connected accounts as directed by you through using the Service, we do require access to those additional accounts. This may include usernames, passwords, or authentication tokens, all of which are encrypted in the database and at rest.

GlobiMail Email Content

If using the GlobiMail Service, we store full details for all emails received for period of 24 hours. Emails that we receive for your account and fail to be added to Podio will stored for up to 7 days and will be available in your error logs.

We also store email addresses in an app and the comment content that GlobiMail generates in a local database as this is required to identify Podio items that an email may be allocated to, calculate spam scores on inbound emails, as well as to provide reply history when composing a new email.

Website Security

All areas of the relevat Service websites that require sensitive information are secured via SSL. The websites use regular Apache/PHP session cookies to remember certain details from page to page, which is required to provide a logged in experience.

All data is stored securely in our DataBases hosted at Linode in Dallas, and Digital Ocean in Toronto, which are not publicly exposed and only accessible from within the individual Data Center networks.

Email Security

When we send email on your behalf through SendGrid, we use an SSL secured connection. For any service that accepts email replies, replies are received by SendGrid directly, who post the contents back to our servers.

Website Tracking

Our websites use cookies to remember you and be able to log you in more quickly. Additionally, 3rd party services could use cookies to track you on this website for purposes such as analytics and advertising retargeting. Such cookies will only store information your browser provides to them.

Other Data

The Service also stores information you provide directly into forms and widgets through using the Service, and the data you enter is stored in order to provide the Service you are requesting. This includes any data you may push to our API end-points, such as ProcFu scripts.

Third Parties

Certain information like email address is shared with Stripe and PayPal for billing purposes.

Email addresses of all parties on emails you send or receive through the Service are shared with SendGrid whom we use to send emails on your behalf.

For GlobiMail, full details of each email is shared with Podio when we log the email as a comment on an item or save it to an archive app as per the features of the Service.

Our servers are hosted with Linode in their Dallas data center, and Digital Ocean in their Toronto data center, and these data center operators would therefore have potential access to data on our servers.

We use Google for analytics and they may store information in cookies to be able to provide their service to us.

Data Transfer

Personal data collected by Globi may be stored and processed in your region, in the United States or Canada (for instance in our major data centers), or in any other country where Globi or its affiliates, subsidiaries or service providers are located or maintain facilities. Globi has put in place adequate mechanisms to protect personal information when it is transferred internationally, for example by using the Standard Contractual Clauses as approved by the European Commission.

When sharing data with third parties, your personal information may be transferred to countries where data protection laws may provide a lower standard of protection for your personal information than your country. We take great care in protecting your personal information and have put in place adequate mechanisms to protect it when it is transferred internationally. We will transfer your personal information in compliance with applicable data protection laws and will implement suitable safeguards to ensure that your personal information is adequately secured by any third party that will access your information (for instance, by using the Standard Contractual Clauses as approved by the European Commission).

Your Rights

Under new international and specific EU laws, you have the right to have your data deleted at request. Just let us know and we’ll happily comply.

You also have the right to protection of your data and we will take reasonable precautions to prevent accidental use or divulgence of your data and will never share it with third parties other than those listed, except under court order.


If you have questions about this policy, please contact us via email to